Allan Ross MacKenzie

The original native teacher of Scottish-English

Why should people continue to learn English once they have mastered the basics?

Learning English to a basic level is fine when you have time to look things up, such as reading emails in English. Not so good when it comes to face to face conversation. Nor is it very useful when writing in English. Only by practicing with a native speaker can you gain the confidence to cope with conversation and writing emails.

Native speakers come in many shapes and sizes. What is needed is a native speaker who is sympathetic and re-assuring when you make mistakes. Generally, the more mature the native speaker is, the more he or she understands your problem.

Scottish EUBeing a middle-aged Scotsman I am sensitive to people’s feelings. I want to support people who really want to learn. Surprisingly for a Scot, I am not teaching just for the money. I take pride in the progress of my students. I like to set objectives that we can work towards together. It’s a two way process; Teamwork. I hope that you see it more as fun than work because enjoyment makes learning easier.


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